Rock USA Oshkosh Ticket Conditions

Ticket Terms & Conditions

Country USA and Rock USA are divisions of Hypervibe, Inc. Country USA, Rock USA and Festival Foods are the only authorized sellers of any and all Country USA & Rock USA tickets. This includes the resale by ticket brokers. WARNING : Tickets purchased from any third party without the express written consent of Country USA and Rock USA including ticket brokers or agencies is not permitted and Country USA and Rock USA will not guarantee your tickets will be valid. Your tickets may be confiscated and you may be denied admission to the events. The license of admission to the event stated on the face of this ticket can be revoked without refund. No re-sale of this ticket is permitted via the internet or any other interactive media, except through the Official Websites of Country USA and Rock USA. All purchases are for ROCK USA Festival, not for a specific artist. Artists, schedule, and prices subject to change without notice. Artist or Festival cancellation IS NOT grounds for refund or exchange. No refunds or credit card cancellations. All sales final. The ticketholder assumes any and all risks incidental to the event to which this ticket admits such holder and waives any and all rights against Hypervibe, Inc., Country USA and Rock USA, its employees, its officers, employees, lessors, agents or assigns, the venue, the issuer, or any management which the ticketholder may have arising out of any incident, accident, personal injury or loss or damage of person or property. Knives, weapons, contraband, illegal drugs, fireworks, chains, wallet chains, spiked accessories, umbrellas, laser pointers, selfie sticks, water squirt guns or other items representing guns, knives, weapons, chains, or contraband strictly prohibited and will be confiscated. Any item that has the potential to cause injury will be at the discretion of the management team. No wallet chains. Food and beverage carry-ins not allowed. Tailgating and fires not allowed on Country USA and Rock USA parking lots.

The patron purchasing the PIT pass must be at least cancellation 18 years of age. The patron expressly assumes all risks and dangers arising from or incidental to the event for which this pass is issued. We strongly recommend all fans participating in the PIT are at least 18 years of age, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Additionally, no persons under the age of 12 will be allowed into the PIT with, or without parental consent.

Hypervibe, Inc. (d/b/a Country USA & Rock USA) reserves the right to use any photography/video taken at any event sponsored by Hypervibe, Inc., without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video and without payment of any compensation. Hypervibe, Inc. may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by Hypervibe, Inc. including, but not limited to, brochures, social media sites, websites, etc. Any person or organization not affiliated with Hypervibe, Inc. may not use, copy, alter, or modify Hypervibe, Inc. photographs, graphics, videography, or other similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized personnel from Hypervibe, Inc..

RE-ENTRY will NOT BE PERMITTED to the festival grounds, (campers & VIP excluded). For safety concerns, once your ticket is scanned and you enter the grounds, you will not be allowed to RE-ENTER if you choose to leave. Each day, your barcode will be scanned ONCE to enter the festival grounds. Each night your ticket barcode will reset, allowing you to scan in the following day.